A Look Back to 30@’20

As I said in a special vlog I did to celebrate the end of 2020, calling the year “tough” would be an understatement. Considering the global pandemic that has infected millions and claimed the lives of nearly a fifth of those numbers, and shut down schools, events and entire industries, and has forced many people to stay at home and wear masks when going out, I’d say it has been, very least, challenging.

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The Outpost: An Appreciation

When the moon is aflame, a Blackblood will summon the slayers of Men to conquer and purge the oppressors of old. One remains.

When it comes to picking TV shows to watch, I’m very picky. And not because I have a very particularly refined taste (Quite the opposite). But as a 20-something adult working in the real world and about to reach their 30’s, I want to pick shows that really speak to me.

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