Reconnections 2015

It’s been a while since I last saw some old faces from high school, at least since the last time we had had a get-together. If I’m not mistaken, the last had been, what? Bonifacio Day Weekend 2010 or some time later on? Thus, it was really nice that a few of us have managed to have this happen less than a week ago, with the planning stages and everything done in less than two days before the night we would see each other, culminating on Rizal Day.

While many confirmed to come, some bailed, but at least six of us came to rekindle old memories and update each other on what’s been going on in our lives.

The venue was somewhere in Makati, near the local train station along Gil Puyat Avenue. The food is awesome although it’s a bit on the pricey side (worth getting stuffed however). While everyone each had a litre’s worth of beer in their hands, I only ordered an 11-ounce glass of light beer (only because I have work later that night).

We all had fun, sharing stories, gossip and whatever hearsay, even red-button question-and-answer portions that even Boy Abunda couldn’t handle. I’m always the listener in the group just because I don’t think I don’t have much to add to the conversations. Many of my friends have made a lot of mileage in life since we finished high school so much of the conversation, I couldn’t really relate to 50% of what they said (mostly about cars, careers, girls, marriage, kids and others). I listened still though because, who knows? Maybe someday if I manage to reach that certain mileage myself, I would at least be able to dabble more in discussions and beyond.

I probably have a wall up around myself hence people want to get me all loosen up. To be perfectly honest, whenever I am without any inhibitions is whenever I’m at home, watching my favorite music video play on the air and suddenl bursts into singing and dancing around like a crazy fool.

When I went to my then-new school in Malabon back in 2002, just about everyone there knew each other, establishing deeply-rooted connections from as way back as kindergarten. I have known many of them only since sixth grade and high school onwards and while everyone there knew my name, much only knew me as the kid who either 1) came home from abroad, 2) or the one who lives in the “far-away” place of Valenzuela (which is only two jeepney rides away from school). However, I did eventually find people who I naturally meshed well with and later on, I graduated to the “hang out at each other’s places” stage, although only a few people from school got to go to my house.

In my mind, friendship is something to be treasured with our lives, being there at each other’s moments. Even when there are disagreements, no matter big, small or petty they may be, the connections we may have with each other, regardless of age, will always be there for life. By no means, I’m a perfect embodiment of a human being, but I’m always appreciative of the things that come my way in order for me to be a better person and a better friend…

Just as long as I don’t have to pay for the extra drink that I didn’t order but consumed it anyway. Hehehe.

Until we meet again! 😀

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