A Year Into the Job

While I should have written this piece when it was more appropriate last month, as the day of my first work anniversary in my current company fell on that day, I thought the weekend before my birthday would be just as fine knowing that this was, as I  have mentioned before, an early birthday gift, just as I was about to hit that time the middle point of my roarin’ twenties.

Right now, I feel so blessed having been able to last in a job for more than seven months, seven months being my prior record where I held onto one the longest back in my dream company that was GMA (or at least one of its subsidiaries).

But I didn’t give up hope of finding myself a job that can not only help keep money flowing to my bank but find one that I know I can be good at (a.k.a. where I’m happy).

Last year was quite interesting, on the job-hunt side of things. My applications from several companies were recycled so I was invited back for another go-round with them, including two applications from my other dream company, ABS-CBN. There was a new one though, a media company based in Makati, one that I have long been familiar with. In all cases, I thought for sure that I was gonna make it in at least one of them but that was not the case.

But one company stood out and this was the one place I did not expect myself getting into because of how things turned out the first time. It was one fo the first companies I applied to sometime after my graduation where I landed an interview, and it was, I believe, my second Makati-based company. This was my second time booking an interview from them and I was really worried that I might blew it like the first time five years ago. However, I was better equipped with just enough work experience this time around that I was crossing fingers that I nail it.

And fast forward to July that year that I finally got it.

Much of my first year on the job was not in Makati, actually. I was assigned to work in Quezon City where I work as an editor for one of my company’s top clients, which happened to be THE ABS-CBN. So it felt like I was for ABS except I wasn’t and I was fine with that.

The shifting schedules and the location of my workplace were quite convenient as I only have to spend for jeepney and bus fare when commuting and I get a lot of hours of sleep after coming home from work, among a bunch of others I get to do.

I’m not a perfect employee, , however, having done my own fair share of mistakes. But I always prove to people that I am a capable and reliable worker, and I want my work to reflect that. I learned much from my past blunders in my last job for me to not repeat them the second time around and I surely don’t want to screw this one up.

Four weeks ago, I was told by one of my co-workers through text that I need to show up in Makati on a Monday morning. At first, I was quite nervous as I don’t know what was going to happen. I do know for a fact that our client in ABS have cut our workload in half so thoughts of probably letting me go ran through my mind.

But my fears quickly quelled as I found on my e-mail inbox’s spam folder a misdirected e-mail from one of my bosses, telling me that I’m being re-assigned to the Makati headquarters. It was a huge sigh of relief as I thought I was gonna be a goner, and a huge vote of confidence coming from them.

So fast forward to now, I am now editing promotional plugs to a Bollywood movie channel broadcasting on local cable with two other people forming my team. The job is not as easy as it sounds as most of the time, it is quite challenging, having gone through the wringer with this one promo we did this week. The end result of that commercial turned out great, fortunately, and our client like it too so I’m happy. It’s going to hit the airwaves really soon so you guys better look for it on Zee Sine if you have Cignal, Cablelink and Cable Boss.

I am really thankful that such an opportunity have allowed me to grow as a person and and for my career to flourish. I will continue to learn the ropes in order to prove that I can make it in this industry.