Month Into the New Chapter

The first month back to full-employment status have been tiring yet fulfilling. I still feel a bit rough around the edges but for the most part, I think I’m finally getting my groove in my new environment.

A month in…

I can’t really complain about the downsides that my job entails because I’ve been through this before from my previous work that I don’t see it as a downside but something that merely comes with the job, as with any other. I finally got my first pay check at the end of last month and it felt so satisfying seeing I could finally make money on my own, save up without having to crunch out spare change from money given to me by my parents for our weekly household expenses (as I have, prior to this, been doing the grocery shopping whenever my parents aren’t able to do so).

I think what gets me excited about the job is being able to watch the soaps I have been missing out on for some time. I know they exist but despite being stuck in the house for a very long time, I could never get myself time to sit back and watch a teleserye. I’m very choosy with what I wanna watch especially if I find a soap opera really good and juicy.

At least with the line of work I am in now, it won’t be so difficult to do so.

Right now, I’m still getting the hang of my new rotating schedule, as I am trying to be updated as much as possible as to when I should show up on certain days, those kind of stuff. It’s all good over-all and as I said before, I can’t really complain. I enjoy the rush and sense of urgency where I always have to get the deliverables done in a quickie; or whenever I see a problem, I try as much as possible to remedy it on my own before having to call it in.

All of these fuels me into giving my all at all times and be at my most productive. At the same time, I am also learning new things along the way, knowing how I could do my job at a more efficient pace to make everything all the more easier for everyone.

Granted, this is just the first month but I’m not wasting a single moment of this renewed opportunity.

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