Mini-Preshow Review of Junior Eurovision 2016 Songs

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Valleta, Malta

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Valleta, Malta

Tonight here in the Philippines at 11pm local time, the 2016 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will stream live worldwide on Youtube, straight from Valletta, Malta. Jus before the show could begin, I’ll send out my thoughts on this year’s entries and my fearless predictions on how each will do on show night.

This is actually my first time watching the contest live and (somehow) conveniently, I’ll be able to watch at least the first hour or so of the show (as it is usual for JESC in previous years to commence broadcast at around 3am Philippine Standard Time) before heading to bed (I still have work in the morning, haha).

1. Albania
“Besoj” by Klesta Qehaja
-I like the simmering build-up towards the final third of the song.
Prediction: Top 5

2. Armenia
“Tarber” by Anahit and Mary
-The songs skews a little older than the intended age bracket it supposedly aims for.
Prediction: Top 10

3. Australia
“We Are” by Alexa Curtis
-Sounds like a Jordan Sparks song.
Prediction: Top 5/10

4. Belarus
“Musyka Moih Pobed” by Alexander Minyonok
-Eww..hoverboard. The boy has a very good voice though.
Prediction: Top 11-17

5. Bulgaria
“Magical Day” by Lidia Ganeva
-They do’t make kiddie power ballads like they used to. Glad that Bulgaria is keeping it alive.
Prediction: Top 5

6. Cyprus
“Dance Floor” by George Michaelides
-OPA! The song would probably sound even better if George’s voice matures well past puberty.
Prediction: Top 11-17

7. FYR Macedonia
“Love Will Lead Our Way” by Martija Stanojkovic
-Sounds like a song you’d usually hear from regular ESC.
Prediction: Top 10

8. Georgia
“Mzeo” by Mariam Mammadashvili
-Sounds like a true kid’s song you hear from a Broadyway play.
Prediction: Top 5

9. Ireland
“Brice ah Bhrice” (Brick by Brick) by Zena Donnely
-I love it!
Prediction: Top 5/Top 10

10. Israel
-Well, that’s a deep voice! The English part of the chorus I feel drags the song down though.
Prediction: Top 10

11. Italy
-Italy is consistently consistent with its awesomeness.
Prediction: Top 10

12. Malta
-Birit agad-agad? The track itself is quite catchy though, hehe.
Prediction: Top 10

13. Poland
-Good power ballad. Didn’t get the sudden entry of that beat drop at the second chorus.
Prediction: Top 10

14. Russia
-Just wow, the ballads are kicking arses this year.
Prediction: Top 5

15. Serbia
-How old is this kid? She has quite a mature voice. This is quite a pretty good song.
Prediction: Top 10

16. The Netherlands
-Pretty retro-upbeat.
Prediction: Top 10

17. Ukraine
-Beautifully haunting with bits of Ukrainian goodness.
Prediction: Top 5/10

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