Celebrating 10 Years

It has been a very long journey and I never thought I’d live to see the day that this blog still up and running after 10 years.

Those innocent times of lore.

Admittedly, I haven’t been writing articles in the same frequency as I have since graduation and I have been complaining about this in the ones I seldom put out since then. At the back of my head, I know I should be publishing at least one entry a month but because of matters that relates to adulting and relative laziness, I never got to make up for lost time.

However, looking, back, it’s still astonishing to see that I have published over a thousand entries, most of which comes from the first 4 or so years alone, majority of which were imported from my defunct Multiply account. I have written a few more after permanently migrating the blog to WordPress. However, laziness cost me those entries and they have disappeared for good.

I started The J-Blog Files as a way to keep myself occupied when there is nothing else to do actually. There is so much stuff that I wanna write about, even the things I do on the daily basis. Eventually, I settled on doing topics that affect me as a person, ranging from school, to various interests, to basically life. I don’t expect people to leave comments or even read them, but I’m always glad when they do.

Often times, when I feel really sad or angry, I just write it all out in order to make me feel better. Much of the time, those entries don’t see the light of day, keeping them as unpublished or as private posts for me to read. There’s not a lot of them though, haha.

With how my life is going for the past few years, especially this passing year, I’m having difficulty getting myself to write an entry. Even if there are a lot of stuff that inspires and motivates me to pick up a keyboard and write out what’s on my mind, I never seem to just do it. Perhaps, the reason for it is that, like everything else, blogging felt like a chore that I have to do for the sake of it, as if I’m being paid to blog, even if it’s the complete opposite.

I don’t want to think that way as blogging helped me get through with a lot of stuff happening in my life, as if it’s the one person you could only trust, and the only one who is willing to listen to your problems, petty and trivial as they may be. Besides, I like the feeling of knowing what I’m writing, getting into the zone of typing like there is no tomorrow.

But anyway, I am well aware that I should have posted this on the day of the blog’s anniversary but that didn’t happen. Instead, I wrote one a couple of months later detailing my recent backpacking trip to Cebu and Bohol, which is so amazing, and of course this one, which is all about where the blog stands now.

Where does the blog stands now, exactly?

I don’t think I have the answer to that. However I know that this is one place I can always come back to without discrimination.

So for the J-Blog Files, happy 10th anniversary!

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