A Look Back to 18

2018 came and went so fast that I barely noticed that we’re mere moments away from 2019.

Perhaps, it’s due to the fact that I’ve been so busy this whole entire year; barely getting much breathing room because of the demands this job has been asking of me. Hopefully, next year, I’ll be able to get a better handle, heck even ask my company for some much needed assistance.

Not too long ago, I recorded my last vlog for the year. I thought I’d be able to cover a lot of ground in one take. However, my nerves got the best of me and filming was taking too much time and I was stuttering towards the end.

So I guess I’ll try to have to share how much the year has been to me.

1. The Pursuit 

I hired a personal trainer to help me get in shape, in time for my brother’s wedding, at the start of the year. But three months in, despite getting some noticeable changes in my body, my personal finances have been taking a toll that I discontinued my training.

It was really unfortunate and I thought I could be able to continue training on my own. But a combination of life-sized responsibilities and budget cuts meant that I have to discontinue going to the gym altogether since the middle of the year.

I do plan on going back this January, but not on getting another trainer.

On the plus side, I continued my jogging routine all year so there’s that.

2. Life Changes
Speaking of “life-sized responsibilities”, my big brother got married early this year, around March, and fast-forward to December, he’s now an expecting father.

He also recently moved out of the house to start a life with his new family in the province far east from where we live (and also his new digs are near his place of work).

My sister, the eldest, on the otherhand, had given birth to the newest addition to our clan, a precious little girl named Jadwin Carissa (I prefer calling her “Jaycee”). At 6 months old (by the time of publication), she is already quite a handful. Hehehe

3. Starting a new Youtube channel

My primary channel has been getting a lot of views, thanks to several videos I made years ago that continues to attract eyeballs. It was such a surprise to find out that I actually gained subscribers over the years, and I never even took the time to notice it until this year. I plan on making the channel active again and so far, much of the content I’ve been able to create are vlogs, most of them unedited. I want to do more than that but without a laptop with the right editing tools, it’s been impossible doing that.

But for the meantime, I’ve set up a secondary channel called “”¡JAMES APRENDE ESPAÑOL!” where I document my journey of learning Spanish (as stated in the video above). I think this is where I put a lot of effort to make consistent content because I do want to see myself progress in my efforts to be fluent so there’s that.

It has yet to take off but I’m far from being discouraged. I’ll just let people find it themselves although I do need to make an effort in promoting it in my social media channels, which are only just two.

There are still a couple of pending projects on both channels that I need to push out.

4.Going 3 and 2

This year, work really took center stage. I thought doing less will make things easier for me in the office but these seemingly lighter workload have proven to be the opposite. On the plus side, there was some much needed variety to make it interesting.

5. Passport Saga

Last May, I went my way to have my passport renewed but recent changes in how Philippine passports are issued made the task a little complex. In fact, I’m far from ever finishing this as there’s a lot that needs to be sorted out, with my birth certificate getting corrected being the main priority.

This one will take a while.

Okay, so far this is as far as I could remember being the highlights of my year. There could be more but I don’t want this post to be longer than it already is so…

Cheers for 2019!

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