A Look Back to 12

Looking back to the year that was 2012, I must say it was unlike any other.Barely a day after the year made its debut, I got a text that confirmed my entry to the country’s workforce. I just accepted it and spent more than half year working as a writer in the public sector before segueing into something more in touch with my abilities, a video editor/videographer.

I rediscovered my own hometown through the many trips I’ve made in relation to my first ever job. Going to the remotest village in the city, I’ve discovered the mechanic of politics and how local governance affects a city’s progress in development.

Just as I was about to settle in after a few months, I felt a sense of stagnation as I have been clearly misunderstood by some of my peers at work. All of a sudden, I lost a voice, a confidence that would have helped me go through such difficulties at ease. Fortunately, I was given another chance to prove myself as I was transferred to something that I could finally maximized myself on.

And just as I was about to enjoy what I’m doing, an offer of a lifetime came and I had to take it. That offer was my ticket to my dream of hitting it big in an industry I so long want to be a part with.

I have to work really hard to prove to my new colleagues at work that I’m worthy of being a part of their team. Despite the obstacles and challenges made, and the mistakes committed along the way, I always find a way to overcome them. Slowly everything that was new to me has become very natural. As a matter of fact, I also got to enjoy spending nights at work whenever I get the chance.

With getting a job and a career also comes with the responsibility of saving for the future. With money finally trickling in to my pocket on a steady rate, I have to learn how to manage my finances wherein I will spend what I need to spend and spent on things I want once I finally have the resources for it.

It’s hard to believe that I got myself thrown in to the reality that is life right away just as I was about to enjoy the rest of the year since my college graduation. Nevertheless, what matters is that things come at the right time and place. I just have to keep myself steady on the positive thinking side and make sure that the road in fulfilling my dreams will come true.

Funny to think that not too long before, I was practically complaining on how I’m going to live my life after school and fastforward to now, I’m actually working (and loving it by the way).

What does life has in store for me? Well, I guess I just need to find out on 2013.

Side note: This is a repost of a previous article I wrote and posted last 7th July 2012. Unfortunately after I moved my blog to its new webhost, all the contents between July 2011-July 2012 inside were erased in the process. I made a back-up .xml file prior to this in the event of needed restoration but I somehow lost the file as well. It’s a good thing I made reposts of some of my 2011-12 articles on my Facebook page.

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