Reality & Dreams: A Bus Crash at the Airstrip

I woke up bruised on the side of some airstrip with a few injured people lying on the ground next to me. Behind me is a bus that has been turned over with people still inside. I don’t know what happened, there was chaos and mayhem. But one thing for sure, there’s no real urgency to call for help for some reason as we actually had the luxury of time to make chitchat before doing anything.


How did a bus end up on an airstrip anyway?

Being the lead guy in this dream, I was the only one capable of standing on my own two feet and can run off to find help. Before leaving everyone in the area, I was cautioned to lie as low as possible because of the passing planes above us. I told the casualties who are still inside to stay inside for the same reason.

As I was running as fast as I can, I looked at my left arm and saw that it’s broken. The testosterone pumping through my veins made it possible for me to not feel pain at the moment thus I just and to make it to where I needed to go before any hint of the pain would surface.

I eventually managed to reach the end of the runway and from there, I saw a gate that leads to the town proper where I yelled out to people for help. Afterwards, I immediately saw a small medical centre right away, went inside to get myself treated. The doctor looks like my old music teacher from high school and as luck would have it, we knew each other in this dream. I told her of my situation, and she immediately contacted the paramedics and have them sent to the rest of casualties.

While the situation itself is quite urgent, the mood inside the medical center was quite casual and chill. When the casualties started trickling inside, the doctor brought me to an examination room to treat my own injuries. She examined me thoroughly before telling me the weirdest thing:

“Have you had too many Yakults today?”

That was quite unexpected, I thought. Apparently, the doctor explains that me drinking too many of the good stuff, the lactus bacilli to be specific, is causing a negative side-effect on my body.

Things got even weirder when she brought a box with a cake inside. The box itself was filled with tap water. I was asked to place my right leg inside the box to see for myself how I could get Yakult out of my system. I’d assume by that point that I did drink a bottle of lactus bacilli before the accident that day but I didn’t see why it was so much of a concern for that doctor.

Before telling her off of how ridiculous this was, bubbles started to pop out from my right leg. My eyes widened in shock at the unbelievable sight. The bubbles themselves bear the same color as the drink inside the Yakult bottles.

The doctor removed the box from my right leg and asked me to place my left. Just as I was about to place my leg inside, I snapped bad to reality when my brother woke me up to prepare dinner for the two of us.

I was kinda curious on how the dream would eventually pan out but I’m sort of glad that it ended the way it did because what I’ve been seeing is likely a product of what I’ve been watching as of late. More or less, I’ve been engrossed to this certain British medical soap opera that I ended up having a dream being in an episode of that show, with some pinches of sci-fi here and there.

I kinda wish I was in an episode of that show, except I don’t want to be the unlucky patient that ended up dying in resus. Oh well.

However, this still begs the question: How did a bus end up on an airstrip in the first place anyway?

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