Happy Worksary!

So today, 2 January marks the anniversary of my entrance to the workforce. Indeed, it was barely 24 hours into 2012 when I received that fateful text message telling me that I was accepted into my first job and that I need to report for work the next day.

Celebrating a Worksary like no other!

Celebrating a Worksary like no other!

You know, I could have easily wrote about celebrating life events such as this had I actually held on to my job longer than it did. The next few months was a learning curve as I really had to put into my noggin the ethics of being a good employee, acting very professional and everything, as if college was not enough truing for me to face the real world.

To be honest, I really did enjoy those eight months even though I had to put up and work with a few difficult people. In hindsight, I wished I could have been more of a fighter so I could be able to strengthen my resolve and never back down whenever I’m being underestimated.

That and the fact that it’s only a stone’s throw away from house so I don’t really have to deal with the mess that was the public transport system (until I resigned that is and went on to my second job for the next half-year).

Fast forward to today, I’m extremely thankful that I finally got myself employed and I won’t get tired repeating this over and over again because I’m just so happy.

Another reason I thought of celebrating my worksary today is that I actually had a belated media noche with my co-worker as I still had to report for work during the holidays. I wasn’t able to celebrate New Year’s Eve the day before as a lot of restaurants and food places were closed for that night so I to push the festivities the next day, with me ordering pizza for me and my colleague.

Hence, I thought it was quite symbolic that I celebrate the New Year on the day I first went to work. Now the challenge for me this year is to sticking to this for as long as I could, longer than the tenures I had from my past two jobs.

So cheers to everyone and happy new year!

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