A Look Back to 15

It’s been a while since I did a write up on the year that was. The past couple of years offered nothing much to write home about especially with me having been in a perpetuated state of limbo since I got let go from my previous job and none of my goals, from establishing a freelance business to studying a foreign language, didn’t materialise. Doesn’t help that the people I thought I could count on, especially my dad, couldn’t support me in my endeavours.

A look back to 15

But one thing is for sure, I never stopped trying to get myself back on my feet throughout that whole period of time. I continued to apply for jobs, I’ve at least managed to jumpstart my freelance services although I have yet to secure any clients because of heavy competition (plus they seem to favour freelancers who offer unfairly super low-cost deals), and I was saving up enrolment money in the event I do manage to apply for a language course in Instituto Cervantes.

I faced a hurdle earlier as I’ve been getting a lot of pressure from my parents to accept their offers (or “suggestions”) to apply for a job in the government. I turned their offers down because it’s not the kind of job I wanted, the kind where I could never truly be happy doing what I do for a living. It doesn’t help that the human resources office of at my dad’s workplace don’t like standard CV’s that are short, concise, simple yet detailed as they fancy the complete opposite of what a curriculum vitae should look like (supersized letters and wordy details of every job I’ve had from the start, go figure).

All the efforts I have made has come to a head this year as I finally landed myself a steady job, one that I truly enjoy, and is even based on one of the places I’ve always dreamed of going there to work. Since then, the blessings just kept on going and going.

On the fitness side of things, I haven’t been active in joining any new marathons but I’m trying to get back on that in some form hence I’ve been dedicating at least two days every week to run laps so I could get myself back into shape. Such a shame that the gym I’ve been going to for years have been taken over by a new management who definitely shook things up as they rebranded the neighbohood gym into a bit of an upscale fitness centre. That only means one thing: Goodbye slippers!

Turning 25 this past August made me realise that I have reached the quarter point of my life, quarter life. I’m not getting any younger yet there is so much that I want to do while I’m still alive. I want to travel, be it around the world or simply going to places such as Cebu and Davao at a backpacker. I don’t want to be idle most of the time doing nothing between work and home.

Romance is not in the cards just yet for me either, no matter how much teasing I get from my friends (to the point of extreme discomfort if you ask me). My older siblings didn’t even get to start relationships until a little later past my age so I’m not in a hurry, even if I’m a sucker for sudsy and epic romances.

The next year will be all about stability and growth. I hope to become a permanent employee in the workplace while doing something on the side to maximise my capability as a freelancer. I’m also hoping that I could finally enrol at the Instituto when the opportunity presents itself.

And finally, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to bring myself back to writing for my blog on a regular basis. Writer’s block be darned.


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