Los Cuatro-Ojos

Today, I just burned through five chapters of Mockingjay during my idle time in between tasks. This is probably the only way for me to get motivated into reading a book I bought just so I could manage to to finish it. It’s the same thing I did for Catching Fire where I previously stopped while I was barely a third into it more than a year ago. Since bringing the second Hunger Games book to work a couple of months ago, I’ve managed to finish it within that time frame, probably faster than when I read the first book at home (which was about three months). At least this way, I could get my eyes to be used to something other than staring at a computer screen all day.

Since getting my first pair of of corrected glasses 15 years ago on 5 January 2001, my vision has gotten more blurry. I don’t even recall what grade both eyes are currently have but one thing’s for sure, I have what they call an astigmatism.

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A Look Back to 15

It’s been a while since I did a write up on the year that was. The past couple of years offered nothing much to write home about especially with me having been in a perpetuated state of limbo since I got let go from my previous job and none of my goals, from establishing a freelance business to studying a foreign language, didn’t materialise. Doesn’t help that the people I thought I could count on, especially my dad, couldn’t support me in my endeavours.

A look back to 15

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The CSB Experience 4: Alumnus

Entry #260

Dreams really do come true if you believe…

Sixty frosh articles, a hundred and twenty-six sophomore journals, thirty junior posts and forty-three published senior entries. That made up nearly two hundred and sixty articles that made up the lifeline of The CSB Experience.
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A Look Back to 20@’10!

I can’t help describe how exactly 2010 fared for me. A lot of stuff happened, both good and bad, interesting twists and life-sized developments I never expect would happen to me. I’ll see if I could run all down the events that made marked my 20th year of life so awesome @’10.

-The then seemingly-unending second term of the previous school year (2009-10) finally concluded. The students of CSB got to move on from a term that was marked by natural disasters, term extensions, wrongful decisions from the higher-ups, and a lot more than we could imagine.
-I discovered someone‘s true colors and I was pretty disappointed to what he/she has become.
-The long-awaited Montessorian reunion 8 years in the making finally materialized in the form of RECONNECTIONS.

-I applied to be a part of the RT30 Countdown (99.5RT’s weekly chart show) as an intern which I got in eventually (On the same day I was applying for a similar job at their next door neighbor, Mellow 94.7).
-On the day of hearts, Jeco posted a very awesome pic showing me, MR, Dianne, Chamy, Yoko and him taken exactly a year ago. It was really sweet and awesome which inspired me to write a blog about it the same day.
-Knowing I won’t be in school long, I tried for the third time applying to be a part of the school’s frosh orientation program.

-I went to a retreat with a bunch load of my friends and would be friends in Tagaytay. No tear-jerky sessions occurred throughout the whole ordeal but we forged new friendships and reinforced new ones (in memory of Dims). LOL
-It’s not everyday you’re friends with almost the whole batch of the SDA Chef’s station. I owe that to Nikko and for his introduction of their signature dish: COFFEE JELLY. Piaya times baby!

-This one’s a shocker: I was let go from my internship in RT30. But my relationship with RT didn’t end there because…
-I applied to be a part of RT’s The Farm, a radio-training program. I got to meet some really awesome people indeed.

-The seemingly unending school year finally drew to a close and just when we thought we’re only going to get 2 weeks of vacation, we finally had a whole month off!
Something for a change, I took up the courage to meet my idol. It paid off.
-It’s time for yearbook pictures and when I got to see my pictures, I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I asked for a retake a month later.
-FOP time! I was shuffling between FARM training and orienting froshes for almost 2 weeks straight, it was nerve-wracking hehehe.
-The launch of The CSB Experience 4: The Final Experience.

-Jenny from the Block passed away. 🙁
-I attended my last Mediamax orientation.
-The trip to Singapore finally pushed through and it was 5 days of pure awesomeness!
-I had my Frosh Nite experience re-lived when me and the rest of the Sessionistas reunited to welcome the new batch of Benildeans. (Mga di pa nagbabayad, bayaran niyo na ako :D)
-OMG, the pet project of The Farm was a huge success.
-Hours before heading off for OMG, I decided to pay a visit to Max FM, where I got to be DJ for an hour with Johnny Chase/Mondo while waiting for Quich Lorraine/Raine.
-I started The Pursuit.

-Graphika Manila, FINALLY! After three years of trying, fourth time was certainly a charm.
-Extra-ordinary did I manage myself into hopping for my class’ Malarayat field trip due to extra-ordinary circumstances.
-I got word from an industry insider online about Max FM’s pending format switch and I wasted no time visiting the booth for one last time.

-Me and a load of callers kept Raine company on her unexpectedly final day on the air and I got it on tape! YESSH!
-My ears turned red on the biggest mess I made but managed to clean it up.
-I bid my Teenage Dream goodbye as I turned 20 @ ’10. Unfortunately, the planned 20@’10 reunion among my GS friends did not materialize. Too bad 🙁

-September marked the day I officially marked my one term extension in school and at the same time, a critical period for me to pass every single subject I have for the second trimester.
-I was an orientor again for the 2nd term’s FOP. But due to some misunderstandings, me and a few others ended up orienting not so-frosh students, but it was still fun because I really had a good time talking with members of the school’s Deaf community.
-Got my wish into visiting the U92 booth in Silver City and met The Brewrats!
-I started to understand more and more about trade secrets that aren’t secrets to everyone else.

-I had a strong reaction with Studio 23’s recent scheduling changes as of late when they had their signature US programs pushed to late night in favor of a daily nightime movie block on primetime. I ended up having a “creative argument” with 23’s Program Manager Vince Rodriguez (who we share an unknown connection with Cheenee in more ways than one). Up til now, I still disprove of what they did in favor of airing two daily movie blocks. It’s a betrayal to long-time viewers like me.
-I never thought I get to be heard on the air again but Oct. 28 proved me wrong. A reunion with my fellow Farmers, a concert happening at the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, and meeting famous faces front and center….What more can I ask for?

-I started production for the pilot “episode” of my thesis film, An Almost Affair starring Demy Cruz, Shiena Labay, Sam San Jose and also starring Paw Castillo.

-The cousins came home after living in the US for 9 long years thus the yearly Christmas celebration of the Sibucao clan was more than the usual this year.
-I got myself a sorta-new Nikon D40x which was owned originally by my sister’s college friend. Only problem is that it doesn’t have a USB cable for me to upload my pictures to a PC.
-I started another creative argument with another guy from ABS…This time with the channel head of MYX, Andre Allan Alvarez. LOL, bigtime na nga!

That’s all folks!

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10 Things to Wish for This 20@10

The following are the things which I wish I could have when I turn 20@10. Simple well-wishing lang on the first 5 as I don’t want to expect to get this much material stuff. The latter half is a little something that I wish to do when I turn 20, since I they aren’t that impossible to materialize as long as I push myself to it. Mangarap ba? 😀

1. A Nikon dSLR D40

2. A Mac laptop

3. A New cellphone FM-radio and Wi-Fi capabilities

4. A new bag that can Handle my demands

5. A bicycle

6. Go to Enchanted Kingdom

7. Join a Fun Run

8. Go on a hiking trip

9. Achieve a fit and healthy body with a set of six-pack abs :))

10. Graduate from school

As the saying goes: “Dreams really do come true if you believe…”.

10 Days to Go!

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Reconnections: The Montessorian Reunion

Took me 8 years since the first one held in June 2002 to finally organize a reunion worth the time and effort!

Thanks to those who were present:

1. James
2. Aimee
3. Senelita
4. Jennie Rose
5. Andrew
6. Felipe
7. Zach
8. John Paul
9. Erickson
10. Lucky
11. Mangga
12. Angelique
13. Cheenee
14. Marvin
15. Carlos
16. Michael
17. Jamelle

We are finally as happy as can be! Hanggang sa uulitin!

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Reality and Dreams: Answered Back

Last Tuesday, I stayed an hour past midnight while waiting for my mom and my sister to come home. Ate just came from her recent trip from the Visayas with Mom at the airport to pick her up.

So as I wait the while away, I thought of sending a shout-out through YM  on a station I was listening to keep me company. He replied back on air thanking me for the shout-out before going back to playing more music.

It was almost 1am and the people I’ve been waiting for finally arrived. Afterwards, I headed straight to bed.

I don’t know what happened but I had this dream that night that seemed so real. In it, I was in the same place that I was hours ago, right on that very moment when I just sent that private message to the DJ. Instead of just saying “thanks” on the air, he replied back through YM, telling me more than just thank you’s. He told me that he was grateful for the kindness and loyalty given to him from listeners like me despite him having been through up’s and down’s. Well, obviously he’s getting emotional bt you can’t tell that he is on air.

In reality, however, that never happened as it was all but a dream. Surely they won’t tell you that on a very personal note. They need to keep it professional after all.

As for me, I can’t decide if I’m going to continue with this trip I’ve ben doing every now and then. Could this dream be a sign or is it that my head is playing tricks on me again?


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One Nine @ Oh Nine!

In less than a 60 minutes, I’ll be hitting 19. For the past 12 months after turning legally 18 I must say that I experienced quite the thrill ride since the day I celebrate my 18th birthday earlier one Sunday at Powerplant Mall exactly a year ago.

I gained some, I lost some, regained some footing then losing quite the booty. I was finally allowed to drink alcoholic beverages legally although I still don’t drink. Despite the relative freedom I gained, I also had to lose something valuable in order to stay grounded, like the events of August 14, 2009 wherein I lost expensive pieces of material wealth worth thousands because of my ignorance.

As I turn a year older doesn’t necessarily equate that I’m getting a year wiser. There is still a lot of things for me to learn and there are a lot of things that I want to achieve in life.I still want to explore the vast horizons of my surroundings, realize the childhood dreams I never thought was possible until now, and prove to myself the things that I can do, to help ease my cravings for satisfaction.

I never desire perfection but I know when enough is enough. There is a lot of room for me to improve not in terms of skills and talents but also my personality. I know that I could do better than being gullible and all that. I know that I cannot give in to my apprehensions or else I won’t be able to grow in wisdom and maturity. I don’t want to think ill of myself nor do I want to be sensitive of how people think of me.

Becoming a 19-year old is a turning point in my life, although I think every year is a turning point for me anyway. It makes me look back and see how much I discover more of myself, how much of me is changed and how much of me didn’t.

I still have frustrations, being unable to put into reality of sharing this very special moment to others besides my family in a way that I want it to be. But the future doesn’t seem too dim for I know that sooner or later, it will happen (if only THEY will let it happen)!

My journey in life continues and for sure there will be bumps along the way. I trust that God will help me along the way.

To conclude the final hour of my 18th year in life, I want to greet myself a very happy birthday! 😀

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Every Day…Every James Counts

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives

Kinda like this quote from a TV show that used to air here, and it does have a point. Every year, I turn a year older, seemingly wiser and more mature yet still oblivious and naive.

There’s so much in life that we have to learn as wisdom is gained if one lives a life lived in full.

In every step of my way, I encounter bumps and potholes. Somehow, I manage to get up and go on. I may have gotten scabs down the road but they heal fast. I took a little pit stops to look back and relax but still looking forward to the future the belies before me.

I’m not perfect and I don’t expect to be one. I may not be the happiest person but I long search for the happiness that I deserve.

In every good trait, there is a flaw. In every joy, there is sorrow. I possess good as well as bad and sometimes I get to be a little weird sometimes. I try to please and yet it seems that I can’t. Somehow, I try to win them over.

I know I have my misgivings, and I openly admit that. If only I could speak the way that I should speak. I stutter when I speak, there’s nothing more for it to fix it. Yet I try my hardest to say what I’m feeling.

Every one of us have a short life, each and every one of us has a choice to make. In every decision and in every year that seems to pass on me fast, I know that eventually I will take the road set-up by God.

Because every day counts

END (One day and 15 minutes)

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