Ctrl+Z: A Shortcut of Showcase

Sometimes, to look forward to the future is to look back in the past. If there’s one thing you want to change, it is embracing who you are from the very depths of your soul.

ctrl+Z: A Multimedia Exhibit

That’s exactly what I came to understand about the theme of Ctrl+Z, a multimedia exhibit that just had its opening night last Friday, ongoing until this Sunday.

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9O21O Forever: Long Live the Day!

90210 Forever!

90210 Forever!
Image courtesy of 90210-Media.org

For five seasons, 90210 have bravely fought the good fight, avoiding cancelation as much as possible until the very end. The youth-oriented drama that was spun-off from a popular 90’s teen soap, about a group of teenagers living their lives through twists and turns against the backdrop that is Beverly Hills, ended its 5-year run on a bittersweet feel-good note.

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The CSB Experience 4: Alumnus

Entry #260

Dreams really do come true if you believe…

Sixty frosh articles, a hundred and twenty-six sophomore journals, thirty junior posts and forty-three published senior entries. That made up nearly two hundred and sixty articles that made up the lifeline of The CSB Experience.
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The CSB Experience 4: Soguho

The Solomon Guest House was one CSB resto that I haven’t been to nor have I been able to try out what they’re cooking every term. So I decided that as a fitting send-off from my alma mater, I made it a manner to book a reservation with my parents to have lunch at SGH. Glad that I did.

Part of the credits why I made this possible goes to Jess who booked my reservation days before when I approached her of possibly going there for lunch after graduation.

Over-all the food was good, the ambiance was nice although it’s a bit warm inside and the aircon isn’t making the place cool enough inside. However, the warmth makes good of spreading out the aroma coming out from their kitchen where you can obviously see people in chef’s attire and toques cooking gastronomic dishes.

I had what they call “Pinakuluang Dory” which is Tagalog for boiled Dory, you know…The fish from Finding Nemo? Hehehehe….They just slain Dory so I could consume its remains, how cruel! LOLz.

Surprise discovery of the day when our waitress turns out to be the daughter of one of my mom’s old pals. What a small world indeed heheheh.

Over-all, I enjoyed eating at the Solomon Guest House. I’m hoping that once I have a money-earning job, I’ll surely going to head back and try out what they have to offer every trimester.

The CSB Experience 4: Blazing Through the Yellows and Reds

Ever since being a frosh, I’ve always wished myself to at least get the chance to watch a Blazers game. The Blazers, CSB’s representatives in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), always have in them the passion a drive to succeed. Some of my friends are athletes and I could tell that being a school athlete is not all fun and games for these people.
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