Reconnections 2015

It’s been a while since I last saw some old faces from high school, at least since the last time we had had a get-together. If I’m not mistaken, the last had been, what? Bonifacio Day Weekend 2010 or some time later on? Thus, it was really nice that a few of us have managed to have this happen less than a week ago, with the planning stages and everything done in less than two days before the night we would see each other, culminating on Rizal Day.

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The CSB Experience 4: Alumnus

Entry #260

Dreams really do come true if you believe…

Sixty frosh articles, a hundred and twenty-six sophomore journals, thirty junior posts and forty-three published senior entries. That made up nearly two hundred and sixty articles that made up the lifeline of The CSB Experience.
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The CSB Experience 4: Expectations, Goals, Ambitions, Adjustments, etc. FOUR YEARS LATER

In less than 2 days from now, I’ll be leaving school for good. As I look back to what I have wrote as a frosh about my expectations, goals, ambitions, and adjustments, here’s an update if ever I was able to fulfill within four years the things that I want to achieve in this list.
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The CSB Experience 4: Jamers of Benilde (Class of 2011)

Never thought I’d be writing a piece about this again after nearly four years. But with only less than 3 days to go before graduation, I think now is a good time to update this list especially that I’ve met quite a few more Jamers since I made I wrote that last piece. In the past four years, I’ve already met and seen Jamers come and go in the halls of CSB: Ace, Liana, Maan, Carol, Bilog, Nikko, Albert, Nicky, Erwin, and Revo.
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The CSB Experience 4: SHOUTOUT For The Finale Week

Tik tok, tik tok goes the clock as I count the remaining days, the remaining hours and the remaining seconds of my life as a college student. In less than a week from now, the end of the road I worked hard for nearly a quarter of my life has finally come to an end. Me and some hundred or so students will be marching at the Philippine International Convention Center for our commencement rites this coming Saturday.
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The CSB Experience 4: An Almost Defense (The Final Fight of My College Life)

24 hours ago, I was standing in front of three ladies sitting plus another one sitting by the side. Sweat is drenching my sando wet beneath my black polo shirt with white stripes and my leather-coated feet are numb from all these pressure. It was at this moment that I knew that this is going to be the highlight of my CSB experience: The final fight of my college life, the final fight of my life as a student for 17 years.
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The CSB Experience 4: The Upcoming Fourth Third and Final Finals Week

Wow….Lapit na ba? Di nga? Seriously? Naks…

Parang kailan lang talaga, sinusulat ko noon kung gaano ako kinakabahan dala ng finals week. Much more na lagi ko sinasabi na pahirap at pahirap ang mga kinukuha kong mga klase kada term kaya wala dapat akong excuse para maglalamya-lamya lamang.

Sa susunod na linggo, simula na ng fourth-third-and-hopefully-final finals week ko sa Benilde. As always kinakabahan ako pero di gaya sa mga nakaraang trimester, mas lalo akong nag-aalala ngayon dahil ito na nga mismo ang make-or-break moment ko. Lunes na Lunes pa lang, magiging busy ako dahil finals ko sa BIZ2 class ko. Buti na lang, walang pagsusulit ang kinakailangan sa’min kungdi mga revisions lang sa final business plan namin. Frustrating lang talaga na kinakailangan talaga na i-ayon ko sa kung ano ang gusto makita ni Miss Lim ang papel ko. Considering na na-late ako nung araw ng defense ko, di ko afford ang di pumasok na maaga dahil alanganin na ako rito. Kailangan ko ring alalahanin na may kailangan akong isumite sa kaklase kong si Ralph para sa ipapasang CD para kay Miss Lim.

Sa Miyerkules naman, medyo dapat noon ko na dapat tong binigyan ng pansin: ang pagbuo ng mga reflection papers para sa Ordev-C ko kay Chef Delia. Alam ko na anytime ay maari ko na lang iyon isubmit pero ang daming mga pangyayari na nagpumigil sakin na gawin ang isang bagay na kasing-simple kagaya nito. Hay….

Pero ang di ko talaga dapat palampasin ay ang darating na external defense ko sa PROJ2. Thesis film ang bibigyang depensa ko kaya dapat na ipaghanda ko ito ng mabuti. Pero mas kinakabahan ako dahil habang sinusulat ko ang blog na ito, wala pa rin akong ideya kung natanggap na ni Miss Lai ang aking email kung saan naka-attach doon ang mga hinihingi niyang mga dokumento at iba pang mga kailanganin para masecure ko ang  endorsement ko sa kanya. Di puwedeng sabihin niya sa’kin na wala siyang natanggap sa kin kungdi kakasuhan ko ang eskuwelahan.LoLz

Lubos na pinaghirapan ko ang thesis film ko, kahit di kagandahan ang pag-arte ng mga nakuha kong mga “artista”, kahit papaano naging tapat sila sakin at nanatili hanggang sa huling sandali. Alam ko na may pagkukulang ako habang nasa produksyon pa ang pelikula pero ako ay lubos na nagpapasalamat dahil kungdi dahil sa mga tao na malapit sakin nang lubos, maaring napunta sa wala ang lahat ng aking pinaghirapan,

Alam ko na hindi pa huli ang lahat. Di pa nagtatapos hanggang sa ito ay matapos ko na. Ayoko pa tumagal sa eskuwela dahil lamang may bagsak ako. Gagawin ko ang lahat ng aking mkakaya para mabigyang katuparan ang pangako na binigay ko sa aking sarili, ang makatapos ng pag-aaral.

Kaya ko ‘to, kaya na’ting lahat ito!

The CSB Experience 4: Diskusyones Tungkol sa Ingles

Okay, I just got off from a really heated discussion for most of the night today, April 18, 2011, with Marlon, Poch and by extension Jeco over something so little and so non-life threatening.

Apparently, they think that I should have used a different language other than English as the medium of the trailer of my thesis film, “An Almost Affair”. Basically they said that I’m marketing what is essentially a “pang-masa” product the wrong way because I’m using English for my promotion.

What started out without simple, “Tagalog na lang, para mas babagay pa doon” became long and complicated posts. All because they think my reasoning for even using ESOL in my trailer is lame. I do recognize that they’re giving out constructive criticism for me because I am, after-all, going out to panel (in the hopes of becoming CSB”s next top graduate lol). But for a silly thing, I felt the urge to stand by it through thick and thin.


Because I target a market that is above socio-economic lines. Masa, yes and for the sake of trying to give a clear explanation, every scripted content targets a specific demo, not necessarily based on income but on the basis on age and sex, etc.. Masa is supposed to mean “everybody” as in “every frakking single one of us from all walks of life”. Masa is not CDE, it is the whole freaking alphabet soup.

As a media person, aren’t I responsible of at least contribute to the development of our people, to help them aspire and reach for the gold?

The trailer I made is the first time that I actually had someone to voice over with. I made this trailer without thinking the use of language would be such an issue to some.

To market it to my market (is that right?), I should promote it in a way that fits their tastes and lfiestyles daw. Although this is true, is it necessary that I dumb the trailer down or make it look sosyal? Can’t it rest in the middle?

If you guys wanna know what I wrote in my MP regarding who I am targeting, I only mentioned the specific age/sex demo which I know could benefit from watching An Almost Affair. That’s my primary target market and that is all there is to it. My guide says it’s only optional for me to include any secondary market so I decided to just focus with my prime one.

Maybe people just don’t understand my viewpoint, bulol and all that. Maybe because I’ve watching far too many TV that it somehow shaped the way I view things. Not just on TV but also with the books I read, on radio. Maybe, people just cannot see what I want to achieve.

Sure, I could be a little defensive…Because if I were to take criticism, then what’s the point of defending in the first place? I’m just defending my idea.

I already told them naman I’ll see if I could produce a Filipino-language version of the trailer. Not exactly word per word but, as a trailer of its own,. Just so in order to silence them forever with their complaining.

And yes, I’ve been through these episodes before…Most especially my heated debates with Jeco since the days when he used to be so active in Multiply. I fight for what I believe in and I strive make a difference. I accept my flaws and I embrace them. I know I rant but because I say what it is on my mind although I am careful with what I say.

I don’t wanna hurt people but people keep on hurting me. I don’t fight back with a sword nor a gun but I fight using myself. I can take every blow but none of them could every bring me down.

Whether or not those peeps at panel won’t probably like my idea…I will stand by it. They try me to conform to the standards but I want to go on and become the change I try seek, the change that I want to be. Win or lose…I stand by it.

And seriously? Ang laki ng issue niyo sa paggamit ko ng English sa trailer?

People, just come on!

A J-Blog Files Anniversary Special: Four Years after “Just Before Graduation”

Has it really been four years? Wow, I really did not realized that it was already past March 24, the day me and a hundred or so students in St. James Academy  complete the four-year cycle that is high school (oh mo high school life). Amazing how time flies, isn’t it? I remember being very excited about writing my first ever blog entry on my then new Multiply account out of curiosity and excitement.

I never imagined back then seeing myself to  where I am now. Most of my batchmates in high school have more or less just got their respective college degrees while most have to wait for a couple more months or even a year more to get that much sought after baccalaureate diploma with my name on it (did I get that last sentence right?).

Seeing that my life in college is almost over, I’m excited what the next phase of life have for me. Young adult life is full of twists and turns, promotions and rejections. Our young idealism is challenged by the norms brought by corporate reality. Our smiles might turn to frowns and our eager bodies will, in less than a year working inside a cube-sized cubicle, will be worn down.
Are we up to the challenge? Maybe yes, maybe not. The future lies in the nature of our decisions and how we face the consequences whole handidly. Congratulations for all of us and good luck!


The CSB Experience 4: Jamer Update 2011 (The New Generation)

LOL, I’ve been so busy with school lately that I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I want to but right now, here I am coming back to what I do best.

So remember from way back when I was The CSB Experience series of blogs, or my whole blogsite in general was still at its infancy, I once wrote about the presence of former schoolmates from high school and how it’s all kinda awkward seeing some same old faces in a new setting. It’s with these old faces that reminds me of my life back in Saint James Academy where I spent 5 wonderful years of growing up there.

Now I got to be in their shoes years later….

It was only a few months ago, I was in a crowded elevator inside the SDA Building, minding my own self. There was only half an hour left before my 6pm class and I was heading upstairs to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

One of the people inside looked at me as if he knew me from somewhere but I didn’t notice at first. But not long after, he asked me this question: “Di ba Jamer ka?“.

Naturally, I was surprised…I didn’t know this guy and all but he certainly know me by face. Obviously he is a Jamer so I asked him if he is from what batch. Surprisingly, he’s just fresh off being from the most recent batch from our high school, Batch ’10. The only one I knew from that batch who just happens to go to the same college as me is Janeen.

Of course, the both of us have questions for each other but it had to be cut short when the elevator already stopped on the guy’s floor. He never knew my name, he never knew mine as well. And we thought it would end with only just that.

Come early today (March 7)…I happened to pass by the amphitheater en route to the cafeteria when I learned there’s an exhibit going on by the ID110 SDA froshes. The event was an ORDEV-accredited event so I asked the ID110 people sitting on the booth if the event is also accredited for ORDEV-C. Two people in the booth asked me a question:

Di ba Jamer ka?”

Okay, dejavu…Obviously, I asked them how they knew what I am. Turns out it’s the same Jamer guy who I asked me that same question the previous term, and this time he’s joined by a Jamer girl who’s also an ID110 MMA student (well, both of them are).

So finally we got to know a bit about each other…they asked me who my batchmates are (“Justin” and “Maviel”) and I told them I know Janeen from their batch. If I remember it right, the guy’s name is Carlo and the girl, I couldn’t remember much but I have a feeling she;s behind those couple of works currently on display at their still-ongoing exhibit (as of this writing) so I’ll check out if it’s hers alright.

(Note to self: She’s donning a bob-cut)

To make the story short, it was really flattering knowing people from my former school’s younger batches remember me. Was I even that memorable? I wonder…Hehehe. But seriously,  it really feels good that somehow, whatever deed I made back in high school certainly made a lasting mark.

As for the exhibit (which is for a good cause), I must say…for a batch who has yet to have some test of majors, many of their works of art shows great promise on their skills as design students. Even back when I was their age, I had no access to almost everything (cameras, Photoshop, etc) but it’s the passion and creativity in every one of us that drive us further into reaching our goals and ultimately to our dreams.

A new generation is coming, and I couldn’t be more proud of it.