A Look Back to 15

It’s been a while since I did a write up on the year that was. The past couple of years offered nothing much to write home about especially with me having been in a perpetuated state of limbo since I got let go from my previous job and none of my goals, from establishing a freelance business to studying a foreign language, didn’t materialise. Doesn’t help that the people I thought I could count on, especially my dad, couldn’t support me in my endeavours.

A look back to 15

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Ctrl+Z: A Shortcut of Showcase

Sometimes, to look forward to the future is to look back in the past. If there’s one thing you want to change, it is embracing who you are from the very depths of your soul.

ctrl+Z: A Multimedia Exhibit

That’s exactly what I came to understand about the theme of Ctrl+Z, a multimedia exhibit that just had its opening night last Friday, ongoing until this Sunday.

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