Los Cuatro-Ojos

Today, I just burned through five chapters of Mockingjay during my idle time in between tasks. This is probably the only way for me to get motivated into reading a book I bought just so I could manage to to finish it. It’s the same thing I did for Catching Fire where I previously stopped while I was barely a third into it more than a year ago. Since bringing the second Hunger Games book to work a couple of months ago, I’ve managed to finish it within that time frame, probably faster than when I read the first book at home (which was about three months). At least this way, I could get my eyes to be used to something other than staring at a computer screen all day.

Since getting my first pair of of corrected glasses 15 years ago on 5 January 2001, my vision has gotten more blurry. I don’t even recall what grade both eyes are currently have but one thing’s for sure, I have what they call an astigmatism.

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Oblast from a Not-so Distant Past

Sometimes, one’s past has a way of resurfacing itself as paths overlap in the crossroads of fate. Such  was the case a couple of weeks ago when I passed by someone I thought I would never expect myself to see ever again.

Back in the day, I had an argument with someone who I once trusted and regarded to as a friend. The argument came as a result of a line being crossed of which I could never forgive him for. While it’s not the kind of argument where we would yell at each other, it was more of “You crossed me so you’re dead to me!” kind of argument. I simply approached him, gave him a piece of my mind in a whisper and then…

BAM! Friendship’s over.

I never meant to do the way that I did but the circumstances left me with no other choice. And the person in question, it seems to me, did not get the message. Basically, there’s always a time and place for everything but when you do or say something that is, not just ill-timed but also out of line, then you shouldn’t even wonder why we’re in this situation in the first place.

Fast forward to today: I was at an overpass on my way to the nearest bus stop. And out of the blue, I saw a familiar figure, carrying a heavy handbag on one hand. Inside my mind,  was panicking and hyperventilating at the sight of the last person I’d expect to see. But on the surface, I was calm, cool and collected.

I took a quick glance to make sure that who I’m seeing is exactly who I’m seeing. I was wearing my contacts at the time so I was hoping I wouldn’t get recognised. Eventually, our paths crossed and I’m not exactly what happened but I could have sworn he also stole a quick glance, probably thinking if I was a familiar person to him as well. I was also wearing earphones connected to my phone so my face really looked occupied but I was concentrated to that chanced sight.

That moment triggered all the memories coming back into the forefront, both the good and the bad. People around me may think I’m simply holding a grudge to a senseless issue but the issue itself is a very personal one, of which I have made it clear to the people I know.

Me and the one I once considered a friend left each other on bad terms and I don’t think we would ever resolve it anytime soon.

They say that time will heal old wounds, but I don’t think it would be the case for this now.

(Editor’s note: Written last October 25, 2015)

Cocoon: At the Crossroads of Change

Change is gradual as change is inevitable. Such a concept is interwoven to create a story of growing up and chasing life. That may have been what Cocoon turned itself into.

Unfortunately for me, I never had the privilege of checking out this exhibit’s opening night because of some uncontrollable circumstances that weekend so I decided to come by on its second and final day where it didn’t really fall short of what making every day of an MMA exhibit count.

A Life's Story

A Life’s Story


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9O21O Forever: Long Live the Day!

90210 Forever!

90210 Forever!
Image courtesy of 90210-Media.org

For five seasons, 90210 have bravely fought the good fight, avoiding cancelation as much as possible until the very end. The youth-oriented drama that was spun-off from a popular 90’s teen soap, about a group of teenagers living their lives through twists and turns against the backdrop that is Beverly Hills, ended its 5-year run on a bittersweet feel-good note.

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One Year After Graduation (2012 Repost)

From a graduating student the year before to a full-fledge member of the country's workforce the year after.

From a graduating student the year before to a full-fledge member of the country’s workforce the year after.

Exactly a year and 5 days ago, me and several hundred others marched inside the hallways of the PICC to close out the last years of our academic upbringing, in the hopes of going the high mile to reach my dreams.

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Hiyaw ng Saloobin


Why do I always keep my hopes up when the reality of the situation is that I will never be an integral part of what they have? Is the reason due that I was never there from the start until I stepped into the picture at a latter time?

I have long struggled to find a way to be there with them as I consider them a part of me but all I get in return is a cold, silent rejection. What have I done to deserve such treatment?

I should not even bother anymore and yet I couldn’t help myself but continually try.

I just hope they realize how much I tried to be there and yet I’m seen me that someone who they’re not just close to when in fact it is but could not recognize it.