Los Cuatro-Ojos

Today, I just burned through five chapters of Mockingjay during my idle time in between tasks. This is probably the only way for me to get motivated into reading a book I bought just so I could manage to to finish it. It’s the same thing I did for Catching Fire where I previously stopped while I was barely a third into it more than a year ago. Since bringing the second Hunger Games book to work a couple of months ago, I’ve managed to finish it within that time frame, probably faster than when I read the first book at home (which was about three months). At least this way, I could get my eyes to be used to something other than staring at a computer screen all day.

Since getting my first pair of of corrected glasses 15 years ago on 5 January 2001, my vision has gotten more blurry. I don’t even recall what grade both eyes are currently have but one thing’s for sure, I have what they call an astigmatism.

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Hiyaw ng Saloobin


Why do I always keep my hopes up when the reality of the situation is that I will never be an integral part of what they have? Is the reason due that I was never there from the start until I stepped into the picture at a latter time?

I have long struggled to find a way to be there with them as I consider them a part of me but all I get in return is a cold, silent rejection. What have I done to deserve such treatment?

I should not even bother anymore and yet I couldn’t help myself but continually try.

I just hope they realize how much I tried to be there and yet I’m seen me that someone who they’re not just close to when in fact it is but could not recognize it.