Los Cuatro-Ojos

Today, I just burned through five chapters of Mockingjay during my idle time in between tasks. This is probably the only way for me to get motivated into reading a book I bought just so I could manage to to finish it. It’s the same thing I did for Catching Fire where I previously stopped while I was barely a third into it more than a year ago. Since bringing the second Hunger Games book to work a couple of months ago, I’ve managed to finish it within that time frame, probably faster than when I read the first book at home (which was about three months). At least this way, I could get my eyes to be used to something other than staring at a computer screen all day.

Since getting my first pair of of corrected glasses 15 years ago on 5 January 2001, my vision has gotten more blurry. I don’t even recall what grade both eyes are currently have but one thing’s for sure, I have what they call an astigmatism.

I guess I should not have pretended to be like Jose Rizal during that one stormy night in 2000 when the lights went out in the house and began reading a boo next to a candle light. Hehehe.

I remember back then when my mom realised how serious my condition was after a precautionary check up in a now-defunct eye clinic in Malabon that she didn’t let me go to school on that fateful day (it was a Friday), bringing me to Manila for a clear diagnosis. My first pair was from Harrison Plaza which, even then, was a dim-lighted rundown mall that people still hang out in.

In the years that followed, I had either outgrown my glasses, broke after getting hit by a volleyball in the face, lost one of the lens, or rusted out due to profused sweating. My current one has been in use for more than a year now although I still keep a spare that I can reliably use in certain situations, including emergencies.

I plan on wearing contacts more often, especially now that I have the means to buy a pair periodically. The only complication arising from here is hang trouble putting one of them on on my right eye. But that’s something can be handled with care, as long as fate cooperates with me as it should.

So for now, happy 15th eyeglass anniversary to me!