My Tips on How To Be A Better Video Editor

Video editors are the most hardworking people I’ve known in the industry today. At the same time, their profession is the most underappreciated and overestimated line of work today. I should know because I’m one of them.

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I’ve been doing video editing for a living for quite sometime now and while I’ve been able to turn in my deliverables that meet my clients’ expectations, I often criticize myself for not doing my job better. I try to push myself harder in order to match my editing skills to those who I consider have a more polished and more professional-looking portfolio than I could ever dream of. Basically I am my own worst critic.

On the bright side, I may not be the only one with that kind of self-defeating mindset. It’s quite interesting to hear from other people to say that my stuff are good when I personally think they’re not. I may have been a little too hard on myself to not realize that there’s nothing to be shameful about with the work I put out.

So I’ve come up with a few tips for anyone out there who wants to become a better video editor.

  1. Do not underestimate yourself-It’s easy to criticize yourself, to think that whatever you do, it doesn’t live up to whatever standard you’ve set upon yourself. Think of your past video projects as old photos of yourself where each passing photograph, you get better and better as you mature and age. The more projects you create, the more progression and improvement you are starting to see.
  2. Practice makes perfect-Many times has this been said but it still holds true. You’ll never be good if you don’t actually do something. If you have something in your mind that you think you can recreate, then go for it. Never stop trying and never stop learning. You wouldn’t even realize how far you’ve gone from where you were when you started. All it takes is learning how to place a video on a work area and pair it with a compatible piece of music on Windows Movie Maker.
  3. Take pride at your portfolio-Whether it was a short movie featuring just pictures you took back when you were in high school with some music in the background, or a 5-second logo animation you learned to do when you were in film school, these are projects that you shouldn’t be ashamed of. They are reflective of where you are as an editor and how much you invested yourself in creating them. Be proud of your works, even your worst ones. The lesser in one’s portfolio are often the one factor that pushes them to do better.
  4. Never compare yourself with others-Similar to my first tip, it’s never healthy to always compare yourself with others as it is a double-edged sword. You either strive to be better or be as good as the ones you’re comparing yourself with; ORĀ wallow in self-defeat. For all we know, those we deem the best may be their own worst critics as well. Essentially, we’re actually more alike than we probably never even realize.

This four tips aren’t guarantees for a lucrative career but if you wanna feel fulfillment in what you do as a life-long passion, these could be prove to be very useful for you.


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