The Pursuit: Cinco a Cinco

When you dream of getting close to that shape (Courtesy of Youtube)

Just recently, I’ve ended my working relationship with my personal trainer of three months due to financial issues. It was a hard but necessary decision that I had to make in order to replenish my resources and see how I could stir this ship now that I’m on my own.

One thing is for sure, I’ll still continue to do my workouts at the same gym that I’ve been going to since my move to my current workplace. There is simply no other option as this the nearest and most affordable place that I could go to and nowhere else.

My former trainer didn’t provide tme a solid workout plan that I could use to maintain the momentum I had with him in building up my body in the meantime so I decided to go back to one that had given me those the most gains but I’ve never been able to fully realize its full potential: Stronglifts 5×5.

It’s a very easy to follow program where you alternate between two sets of workouts and train three times a week. You do three exercises with a starting weight of 45 poundsĀ  (depending on what exercise you’re doing) and add 5 pounds in each of them as you progress.

Back in college, this was the workout that I’ve been doing earlier on but after graduation, I’ve largely tried other plans to see what would work better. Unfortunately, a combination of inconsistency and being unsure about my diet got me nowhere.

Now I plan on restarting this on a clean slate. The key to this is not only keeping a close watch on the weights I’ll put on per workout but also having a good eye on what I eat.

Honestly, I’m no expert in nutrition but aside from the obvious like not eating bad stuff, I have to do more clean eating. I could only minimize eating stuff like pizza, pancit and the like while having to increase eating those rich with protein and other nutrients like chicken (but Chickenjoy, etc is out of the question), vegetables, fruits, etc. Do you think this would be enough?

Doing my one/twice morning run along the park has to become more of a regular routine. If that would mean sacrificing those three hours being at my workplace early to allot at least half an hour to a light jog, then I would.

There is so much I need to straighten out, but I hope this would turn out well for me. No matter what, I’ll never give up.


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