The Pursuit: Oh Flux!

This past month of May, I’ve been in a state of flux in terms of meeting my fitness goals this year. I have no idea how I’ll be able to meet them if I couldn’t get my act together in order to do so?

The month prior saw me leaving my personal trainer for financial reasons. I still continued going to the gym, but I went on a different schedule, centered around early to mid-afternoon (my lunch hour) and it has been difficult at best. The people at the gym think that the program I’m doing is holding me back but I assure them that it’s not. When they look at you, the feeling of intimidation gets to you and I don’t like it.

Now, fast forward to May. I decided to hold back from renewing my membership at the gym near work to save it as payment for my scheduled passport renewal. Things eventually didn’t pan out the way I hoped so that whole plan was a best.

As I couldn’t go to the gym right away, luckily I have a makeshift gym in my room that I actually hardly ever use. It’s made up of a bench, a bar, and a set of plates (pairs of 5-pounders, 15’s, and 25’s), in addition to some rubber puzzle mats. It’s not much as I couldn’t do a lot of exercises but it’s sufficient enough at least to get some blood pumping.

While I do have a workout program that I do at the gym; with the home gym, not so much. I can do a few sets of presses, leg extensions and bicep curls, and that’s pretty much it. I’m thinking of some creative and resourceful ways to play around with the plates that I have and just make this possible.

Another concern would be having the motivation with a set schedule. With the kind of work I have where after two hours of commuting from work to home, I get pretty tired, barely having energy left for the day. What’s worse if I come home later than I should so there is that constant thing that happens.

I guess I just have to push it through because I don’t want to waste my money nor my time when I know I need to be in shape, to look and feel good, and hopefully long.

On the diet part, I never have a strong diet program to begin with but as much as possible, I cook my own food for lunch at work: Stir-friend boneless chicken breast with some vegetables to boot. I still need to spend money for this so I don’t always do this on a week-to-week basis. I’m also highly dependent on home-cooked meals so if there are leftover cooked dinners, I bring it to work for lunch.

Now, there’s a question of whether I should invest in some additional equipment but we’ll see if I can make that reality.


Wish me luck!

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