The Summer Experience 3: That Frosh RhyThmic Productivity

I must say, this summer had been the most productive for me in terms of actually doing something outside of my usual summer bumness at this time of the year (redundant use of words, I know). No matter how short my actual summer vacation has been, I could safely say that I really made most of the 20+ days of academic freedom I have as I was able to widen my horizons, broaden my scope and limitations, and last but not least, met and made a lot of friends.

Top of my list is being a part of this year’s Frosh Orientation Program where my goal since day 1 was to give myself a “sense of fulfillment” and as “my way to give back to the school”. Sounds corny but it’s true. And boy did I make the right choice. Now I wonder how I would react once my face is seen by the next batch of students in the school come Monday for laughing out loud! Sessionista forever! :))

Second and most certainly as important as the first, me being part of 99.5RT’s The Farm has been quite the tremendous experience. It’s certainly made me realize of how far I could go to realizing what I want to do after graduation. Although there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to continue my working relationship with station once The Farm airs its final curtain in June, the past-half year being in RT is enough for me to be satisfied.

But of course, we’re planning two big events before we call it quits, one is a final adieu to the summer before the start of the school year, “OMG IT’S OVER!” to be held in June 11 at Manor Superclub in Eastwood City while another is something we’re still in the process of putting it together so better watch out for it.

As I close off this series chronicling my summer experience, I look forward to what the year has in store for what could be my final “CSB Experience“.

Goodbye, Adieu, Adios, and Paalam to THE SUMMER EXPERIENCE 3!