The Pursuit

The coming school year is a make-or-break year for me. Not only is there the possibility that I might graduate in three trimesters’ time, I also have to make use of time to finally achieve my goals I have long set yet never tried to achieved years ago. Among them is trying to make myself fit and healthy.

This is one goal that I had ups and downs doing since the moment I first stepped into the neighborhood gym near our house way back July 2005. Yep it’s been that long although I was never consistent although one achievement that I had made when I was starting out was when I manage to pull my weight down from 160lbs to a manageable 145lbs and I was able to maintain it up until college.

It was only last year when I noticed that I’m starting gaining weight and all of a sudden 3 months later, I was heavy at 162lbs. Although I don’t now what happened, I never really made noticed any change in my appearance but people around me keep on making comments of how much “fatter” I have grown. These comments affected me in the way that I really should refocus the way I want to see myself in the future: feeling young inside and out, healthy, vibrant and fit.

It’s one thing to say that I want to be fit, it’s another thing to actually do it. As mentioned earlier, I have a problem with being consistent that’s why I made it a point on not rushing things too much and do it one step at a time. At the same time, I have to revisit some goals that I was able to achieve yet failed to maintain. What worked for me while I was starting out were:

1. No buying candies, or any form of junk food.
2. No soda unless I was served.
3. Order Iced tea.

Eventually, one thing led to another and I ended up messing up what I’ve started.

Other gray areas that I really need to focus on is my food and sweet cravings. Sweets is something that I can’t afford not to have and eating is something of a bad vice that may be half as bad as drinking or smoking but is still an evil vice that I must control.

Controlling the way I eat and stick to a solid eating plan is a way for me to finally rid myself of the belly fat occupying my midsection for so many years. As a rule, I should be eating more of the healthy stuff while lessening the excess stuff  thus I have to reduce my consumption of rice especially when I have my dinner. What I’ve been doing for quite a while now is incorporating oatmeal into my usual eating habits while I snack on bananas while I’m in school.

The important thing is to make my stomach think as if it’s full so I won’t have to deal with getting cravings as much.

One half of the plan is sticking to a work-out plan that I should consistent with all throughout. Gray areas include my lack of motivation and my sudden mentality of finding an excuse not to go to the gym. For this term, I have the benefit of time to do this so I shouldn’t be worried much about not finding enough time.

My initial goal is to see results by August 31, 2010, which is my 20th birthday. My end goal is to see if I’m still consistent past August 31, 2011 when I turn 21 and which by then I would be graduating from college.

The pursuit for a lifestyle change will start tomorrow May 31. I know there will be bumps in the road but I’m all the more ready to face them.

I’ll be keeping a record of what I’ll do so pray that I succeed in this endeavor.

Kaya sana parang Flash Forward ito na nagkatotoo eventually.