The CSB Experience 4: The First Day

As summer draws to a close, the school year opens with much anticipation that it won’t suck the way last year was for the Benildean student body. For some, it is the start of another year of academic pressure and long nights staring in front of the computer while for others, it’s a make-or-break call as they start spending the first of their final days in the academe.

Senior year, here I come.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that 4 years ago, I was merely starting out as a little boy fresh out of high school, trying to adjust commuting between home and school, and taking chances by signing up on one too many student orgs while trying to tame my DV1 blockmates as we wait for a class to start inside Room M506.

Fast forward to now, a new generation of froshes are taking center-stage as upperclassmen watch them over repeating history over and over again. I was lucky not being caught up on the freshmen frenzy as I only had one class for the entirety of the first day of school, NATSCA2/Environmental Factors in Design, at 6pm.

For the first three days of the school week, I basically have a 3-hour class set in the evening while the remaining 2 have one set in the afternoon and in the morning respectively. Despite the seemingly-not-so-hectic looking schedule I got for the first trimester, I expect hell to break loose as midterms fever kicks in in less than 7 weeks.

One thing that I should consider doing is time-management. As last term had already proven, whatever free time you have can only be spent doing projects nonstop given the limited resources I have to produce works and giving my full commitment on each and every one of whatever material is given to me.

But because this is already my senior year, I should really give my all on making sure that I finish the journey I started from the moment I first stepped into the halls of the College last May 28, 2007 until I walk out of the school graduating in 2011. I can’t give assurance that by the end of the current school (SY 2010-2011), I’m finally let loose.

But no matter what, I will end what I started and from there, I will start anew.