A Look Back to 07

It’s now 2008 Anno Domini. Time for New Year Resolutions and new beginnings. It’s Christmas LOLz and it will still be until next week. A lot of things happened and it’s not just the bombings that took place in Glorietta and the Batasan nor the Peninsula Hotel siege of know-it-all Antonio Trillanes IV.


Here’s a look back of the past year


  1. Start of thesis report
  2. first time that my high school intrams were held for several weeks
  3. first and last time that ill be playing scrabble for intrams
  4. documentarista for CAT
  5. first to ever dread the early phases of my thesis report
  6. Took the UE entrance exams sa Caloocan campus nila
  7. took the UST entrance exams the same time as ADMU is comducting its own


  1. First and last time that I was a part of our school’s athletic contingent for DAOP Palad in Bulacan even if I’m not a student athlete (thanks to Sir Ponce and my TKD family!)
  2. First time to earn a medal for my school in an interschool meet
  3. Shocked that I was “not accepted” in DLSU
  4. Shocked that I didn’t make it to the quota in UP
  5. Happy that I passed UST with flying colors


  1. Happy that I passed the exam in CSB
  2. I graduated
  3. I finished my last video as a student of SJA
  4. Went to CSB to enroll


  1. Went to Ilocos
  2. went swimming in Curremao and Pagudpud
  3. visited wonderful vigan and batac
  4. ate merienda at fort ilocandia


  1. Accepted as a student of CSB
  2. Orientation
  3. Enrollment
  4. First day


  1. Frosh night


  1. Out of town in Antipolo and Nasugbu


  1. 17th birthday
  2. finals


  1. 2nd term
  2. Left an org


  1. Blog crisis


  1. chunk full of projects


  1. Farewell to DV1
  2. Finals
  3. Enrollment
  4. Algeb crisis
  5. Ordev crisis
  6. Christmas
  7. Kris Kringle
  8. Hataw Hanep Hero
  9. first time di nagtagaytay
  10. first nanood ng horror movie sa sine
  11. last time na makakapiling ko on Cable tv ang mga channels ng Solar